Industrial Coatings

We are official mobile applicators for the LINE-X range of multipurpose, spray applied polyurea coatings. LINE-X provides enhanced protection for virtually any surface including meal, fiberglass, wood, and polystyrene.

LINE-X is perfect for providing protection to a large verity of tools, materials and equipment, including vehicles, boats, speakers, stilliges, pallets and film props, just to name a few.

As mobile applicators we can also provided our various spray applied coatings for larger industrial jobs such as the lining of reservoirs (interior and exterior), pipe works and many other large scale applications.

What LINE-X can protect is only limited to your imagination.

So why does LINE-X provide superior protection?

LINE-X has many qualities and advantages that makes LINE-X a number one choice for providing protection across many industries. Some of these qualities include:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cushioned non skid surface
  • Sound dampening qualities
  • Watertight/airtight seal – no rust or corrosion
  • High elasticity properties
  • Doesn’t crack split or warp
  • Sprayed to any desired thickness
  • Universal, spray applied fitting
  • Tough consistent surface
  • Maintenance free